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George Pickett & Associates is a multi-person, multi-line manufacturers agency specializing in electrical products for the electrical industry through electrical wholesalers in the Carolinas and Virginia.


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GP&A now represents:
Effective March 1st, 2014 - George Pickett and Associates will now rep Eiko in Virginia
EIKO (complete line of Lamps & bulbs -- www.eiko-ltd.com/)
STI (fire stopping products)

NEW  Arlington catalogs are now available. 

Click on the link below to check out Jim Daniel's youtube video on how to install Arlington's new BES1


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Eiko's Litespan LED Post-Top HID Replacement lamp is the most efficient LED replacement lamp on the market!  It saves energy, money and time by requiring fewer replacements.




This post-top lamp has a long lifetime - 60,000 hours.  Thats 13.7 YEARS at 12 hours a day!!!  Visit Eiko's website to learn more about this and other great products.


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