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Below are the product lines that we proudly represent.

Arlington Fittings Arlington Fittings Complete line of Die Cast fittings and innovative plastic items $100/$1000
BRK Electronics BRK Electronics Smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and carbon monoxide detectors $100/$1000
Brother Mobile Solutions Brother Mobile Solutions Hand Held & Desktop printers for Electrical Industry $100/$1000
Cameron Wire Cameron Wire Mining Cable, portable cord, category, coaxial cable, welding cable Aluminum URD cable, control & tray cable & specialty cables $100/$3000
Conduit Pipe Products Conduit Pipe Products EMT, Rigid Elbows, Couplings & Nipples, Running Thread $100/$750
Crescent Apex Tool Crescent Apex Tool NC/SC Plant Crescent, Wiss, Lufkin, Apex, JoBox, HK Porter, & Nicholson $250/$500
Current Tools Current Tools NC/SC Plant Punches, Dies and Knockout Sets, Jack Stands, Storage Boxes, Benders, PVC Heat Blankets, Pulling Equipment & Wire Carts $25/$100/$2000
Eiko Ltd. Eiko, Ltd. All Flourescents, HID, LED, Miniature, Safety Coated, & Specialty bulbs $250/$1000/$1500
Electri-Flex Electri-Flex Liquid Tight, Non Metallic Liquid Tight and Greenfield $150/$1500
Florida Strut Florida Strut Complete line of channel, fittings, and spring steel fittings $250/$2000
Republic Wire Republic Wire Copper Building Wire, Bare Copper and Tinned Copper $500/5000 LBS
Shurtape Shurtape NC/SC Plant Electrical tape, duct tape, hazard markings and packaging tape 1 Case/$250
Southern Pipe Southern Pipe NC/SC Plant Schedule 40, 80, EB & DB PVC pipe, Spacers & PVC fittings $100/$1500/$5000
STI STI Fire stopping products and EZ-Path Devices $150/$750
Talon Talon Meter Bases, Temporary Power, A/C Disconnect $400/$1000
Teddico Teddico/BWF Weatherproof Electrical Products, Wall Packs, Flood Lighting, High/Low Bay, Vapor Proof fixtures & Steel Fittings $100/$750
TPI TPI-Raywall-Markel Residential/commercial/industrial electric heat, Pedestal fans, Ventilation products, Infrared Heat and Industrial Lighting $50/$2000
World Dryers World Dryers A complete line of hand dryers Not Freight PPD


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