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Eiko Litespan LED A19 Replacement Lamp
Replace your incandescent bulbs with Eiko's LED's!  These LED lamps will save ou time, energy, and money!  CED and RoHS Certified, and UL listed; Eiko's litespan LED A19 replacement lamps offer three wattages and multiple color temperatures, ideal for a wider range of applications!
Light up those dark areas of your counter space with our new,
low-heat LED Undercabinet lights. The MAXCOR LED Undercabinet fixtures
provide warm color and cool operating temperatures. Their low, 1” profile keeps the
fixture unobtrusive and out of view. Our LED Undercabinets are also ecologically
friendly and efficient, providing up to 50,000 hours of lighting
that is not only beautiful but inexpensive.  For more information visit http://nicorlighting.com/catalog/items/led-undercabinets

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